Who We Are


Who We Are

MLC was born in Linares (Jaén) in 2011. Since then, until today, we have been growing year after year, all thanks to the trust and loyalty of our customers.

MLC, a leading fuel distribution company, maintains a firm commitment to customer service as its main competitive advantage, combining it with the challenge that the energy transition currently poses. The MLC Group is currently making significant investments aimed at providing energy solutions for today and tomorrow, seeking to become the trusted global energy supplier for its customers.


Mission & Vision


Provide sustainable and responsible energy to society.


Move towards a multi-energy company model based on innovation, efficiency and sustainability and aimed at promoting social and business development.



For the last 10 years we have been adapting to new contexts, facing challenges with efficiency, confidence and agility and relying on innovation for decision-making.

MLC's ability to adapt allows us to be one of the most valuable companies in the energy sector in Spain, making us a benchmark multi-energy company.

Today, we are carrying out a digital transformation of our areas and businesses to become a 100% digital company, prioritizing people in this transformation.


The trust our customers place in us is our greatest asset.


MLC is the result of effort and perseverance as the main values of development and social growth.


Aware of the importance of resources, we are committed to their responsible use.


We are committed to knowledge as a driving force for the future.


Learn about our milestones

In September, MLC was born in Linares, with only two workers with a single supply unit. MLC begins its journey in the business of fuel distribution and marketing.
MLC begins its growth and expansion strategy with the acquisition of five service stations throughout Spain for the commercialization of MLC fuel.
MLC already has a total of one hundred workers, starting the incorporation of talent. The strategic lines that will be the basis of its growth in the coming years are defined.
MLC already has a client portfolio of more than one thousand five hundred companies, spread throughout the national territory, eminently in sectors such as transport and industry.
New Offices
MLC is committed to sustainable growth by expanding the number of service stations and inaugurating its new headquarters in Linares (Jaén)
Gasocentro Inauguration
MLC is on track for strong growth despite the pandemic. The Linares gas centre is inaugurated and the company's own fleet is expanded to serve stations and company bases.
Fuel supplier
Coinciding with its tenth anniversary, it has become independent of its network of stations and becomes a supplier of wholesale fuels. It is consolidating its position as a rising stock in the fuel sector.
Multi-Energy Company
MLC continues its evolution and expands its portfolio of services by creating its Gas and Electricity trading company. MLC becomes a benchmark multi-energy company, with a presence throughout the national territory and preparing its leap into the international market.
New station
Today, MLC, immersed in the construction of a new station on the border with France, triples the square meters of its offices to accommodate current and expected growth. Work begins on the expansion of the gas centre, which will increase its capacity by 1200%, making it the largest in Europe.
Quality & Service
MLC continues to grow daily to provide the best service to our customers, maintaining at all times our greatest distinctive; quality and service.